Stop. Stop. No more, please. You’re giving me the answers, but I don’t know the questions… just pause, please… I’m not comfortable yet; my heart is still sore; I don’t have good judgment, I might ask of you more… Please, wait: give me one moment. You’re starting to mean everything to me, while for you I still mean nothing…



Sweet Lost Souls



Walk without ambition! You’re jumping buildings like there were no consequences. Something is spooking you, something in the air… but it’s all so relative, you can ignore it for a while. As time would have it, you are way beyond your years, and looking back now you see where you should have stopped walking all together. Now you’re flying off, now you’re completely out of control: there is no comfort left, and there is no more ‘home’. Walk, walk… walk, my sweet dear; you have no ambition! You have no goals! You can keep on walking, cheat them all !



Fix This



Fix it, please. Fix me. Let me be beautiful like I ought to be. Fix this mess, throw it away. The life I created has not been enough today. Fix it, sew my heart back up. Let me stand strong, let me be more charming than I ever was. Help me clean up my mind, and get back on the pedestal: let me be Glory, not Madness and Unworth. Fix this, oh fix this please. If you must, then go ahead and kill me!






Even Cupid realized he’d made a mistake. And in my mind I saw him fly off nonchalant nonetheless. Because we’d been hit and in that moment Cupid was no more the angel of love, but the angel of death. Things had never been meant to go well for us, never had there been the foundation for a happy ending. No amount of hard work and committing would do. No matter what, we were doomed.




Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 11.32.20 AM


Volatile ed a volte cinica. Scrivendo poesie con i mattoni che useresti per nasconderti. La pioggia è in ritardo ed il tuo mondo crolla con la secchezza dentro il tuo cuore. Mai che ci sia abbastanza sangue pompato tra le tue vene. Il mondo non ti lascia respirare e tu sei stanca di aspettare. Siete brave a fuggire verso le ali a voi promesse, per poter andare oltre il suono acuto di bugie pronunciate dalle labbra avvelenate delle ombre. Siate coraggiose ancora un po’, amori miei: il mondo non segue lo stesso percorso per due volte, neanche una.






And so you thought that dragons didn’t exist. Well look at how it’s rearing it’s head up, showing it’s teeth: firing away and burning all your dreams… Thinking it was all in your head but now you see it in the flesh, consuming you and making you sweat. You’d like to believe it was all just a show, but you can see how it’s coming at you, wings wide, tail tall and bestowed. Oh look at how greedy you’ve become ! It was only a matter of time after all… and where else did you think it would bring you, if not to this moment? You thought that demons only hid under the bed, lived in the closet, and only by night… well you were wrong my darling, they live in your mind…





And so they asked her to state her name; she told them it was not relevant. Her age, useless. Now what did she like to do? She liked to cry. Salty water leaking out of her, red tears down her arms. She liked to cry. It made her feel simply ALIVE.

When asked what she thought of herself she stayed silent. When asked if she scared herself she replied yes. Did she love herself? No. And what about the world? It was all relative.

Finally she was asked on her odd behavior. Her reply was simply, “I am not the kind of person I would ever want to meet. I am not the kind of person I would ask to know the name of.”